Animated Video

A businessman is editing his animated promotional video to make it engaging for customers

An animated video is a strong marketing strategy that helps you share your business stories. It is a cost-effective manner of engaging your target customers. A digital marketing animation video explains all the business points in brief. Ultra Corporate Pixel uses attractive visuals to define your company’s products. Nowadays, people view video content more than textual content. A compelling video helps you grow your business. It involves expansion into newer prospects.

A smart animated video promotion enhances your website visibility. Your target customers can find your website by Google search. We create and edit those videos using three tools. They are whiteboard, thin-line, and 3D animation. We choose attractive templates to optimize your website design. This video marketing process gives your business website an elegant look. 

Importance of Animated Videos for Your Business

The reasons animated video marketing is important are:

  1. Affordable Pricing: Buying a video camera and camera stand is unnecessary to make animated videos. Our team uses modern animation software in video production. We write the script for animated video marketing in a simple style. It covers a very low budget. So, it is a low-cost marketing strategy.
  2. Work for Many Platforms: It works for most of the platforms. We use it for explainer videos, infographic social media posts, and announcements. 
  3. Grabs Attention: A video is an excellent addition to your business website. It gets you your targeted audiences faster. The moving text and colorful animation encourage your customers to try your product. 
  4. Excellent for Branding: This kind of video is excellent for your branding. The proper designing of the company’s logo, text styles, and color fonts is important. An animated video promotion on your website gives your business a vital boost. This increases your website visitors through relevant keywords. 
  5. Easy to Learn: It is easier to learn as a different form of technical video marketing.  You present your business’ complicated ideas in a simple manner using animated video.
  6. Boosting Customer Conversion Rate: This is a smart approach for increasing customer conversions and boosting sales. Our videos introduce and explain to the website visitors about your products or services. 
  7. Easier to Update: We update your video’s images and text as per your demand. Editing techniques present and promote your new products in an interesting manner. 

Your Benefits from Our Animated Video Services

We provide the following animated video marketing services:

  1. Explainer Videos: Our team creates videos to present your products or services through your website. It explains to your target clients your business benefits. We also describe payment options for your business.
  2. Interactive Videos: We design the best animated marketing videos to answer all your queries. Our animated video editors design the video script. It attracts viewers to your webpage. We also provide eye-catching thumbnails
  3. 2D Animated Videos: We are also experts in producing and promoting 2D animated videos. We combine storytelling, colors, and smooth picture movement to design an animated video. This leaves a lasting impression on the targeted customers.
  4. Animated Commercials: We are skilled in the production of high-quality animated commercials. These commercials portray your business’ brand identity among the customers. 
  5. Event Videos: We also provide services for making event videos on your website. We design animated event videos and explain your product benefits to others. We make the animation in whiteboard style. This ensures keeping the audience interested throughout. 

Our Animated Video Service Processes

We follow the below service processes in video creation:

  1. Understanding the Goals: We get ideas for the animated marketing video through discussion. We partner with you to understand the business goals. 
  2. Research and Strategy: Then, we do deeper market research to understand your business rivals. We create the video after the analysis. We conduct its promotion by studying your target audience. 
  3. Creative Concept: We create a compelling video by adding your promotional message. Our creators edit the video to give it a professional look. Then, we upload it on your website. 
  4. Video Production: We also provide animated video production services. These are pre-production, editing, and post-production. We use advanced software while making the video. 
  5. Optimization: We optimize various search engines and social media platforms. Our team ensures your video gets maximum reach. 
  6. Distribution: We undertake a strategic approach to your video distribution. We distribute your video on various social media platforms and your website. 
  7. Monitoring: After uploading the video, we check the video’s reach and make a report of it. We pay attention to your feedback for taking any additional steps in the future. 

Why Choose Ultra Corporate Pixel for Animated Video Marketing?

Ultra Corporate Pixel provides you with these services:

  1. Expertise: Our video editing experts remain up-to-date with the latest trends. Our team creates the best animated videos. After proper design, we upload your video on your website. 
  2. Custom Solutions: We know that every business provides a separate product or service. Our team provides the best animated marketing video with professional custom solutions. We discuss specific goals for your business website. We input the content for your video after discussions. 
  3. Transparency: We communicate with you about the project budget and the related needs with clarity. We provide you with detailed reports on the views garnered on animated video promotion.
  4. Proven Results: Our company has a proven track record of delivering positive results. Our services are open for all business sizes. You check on other clients’ experience on our website. 
  5. Cost-efficiency: We are aware that each client’s budget is not same. We have different pricing options for our clients to promote inclusivity. And, our price fits your pockets, too.
  6. Dedicated Support: We have a dedicated support system that addresses your queries regarding our services 24/7.

Our skilled professionals create and edit video marketing animated videos. It assists you in building brand identity among your customers. If you trust our services, contact us at We look forward to collaborate with you. Our experts helps your business stand strong among your rivals.