Terms & Conditions

Ultra Corporate Pixel’s Terms & Conditions of service are given below. They describe this website’s content, activities, features, and services provided. It also focuses on the agreement process while carrying out a project.

  1. Content on the Services

    1.1 General: The services provided by us are done as per clients’ requirements. We are not responsible if you do not clarify your needs before starting the project.

    1.2 Ownership: Our service content is intended for your personal and commercial use. Our employees do not use your audio, video or image for personal use.

    1.3 License: Our website content is licensed by us. Reproducing our work without permission is a copyright violation.

  2. Addressing Customer Grievances

    2.1 Prohibited Actions: You are prohibited from writing defamatory, deceptive or abusive words in the Contact Us Form. You cannot abuse us through email. Convey your issues with politeness.

    2.2 Exclusive Right for Managing User Grievances: Ultra Corporate Pixel has exclusive rights to answer your queries. We answer your queries depending on their validity.

    2.3 License of All User Grievances: We have an unrestricted license to address client queries.

  3. Links to Third Party Websites

    Our services may contain links to third-party websites. Our company is not responsible for our services' information accuracy on those websites. We suggest you access them at your own risk.

  4. Copyright or Intellectual Property Infringement Notification

    If you believe any website content is infringing intellectual property, you can notify us. We will verify it and if required, remove it.

  5. Additional Terms Applicable to Ultra Corporate Pixel’s clients

    5.1 General: When you implement our finished project for your business, you give us exclusive rights. The rights include making any future changes to your project. Also, no other company can imitate our website design.

    5.2 Payment Terms: You can pay for our services through credit card, debit card, and PayPal. You can also use Google Pay and Phone Pay.

  6. Services Operation

    Our Company reserves the right to discontinue any service at any time. You are requested to check our website whether your preferred service is available. After that, you contact us.

  7. Liability Limitations

    Our employees are not liable in case of unavoidable circumstances. This includes failure in timely project delivery due to server glitches. Also, we do not guarantee your business success. This depends on how you implement our service in attracting your customers.

  8. Compensation Terms

    We form a long agreement before starting a project. You are bound to compensate us in case you break any part of it. This includes not making clear your project requirements before starting it. On the other hand, we also compensate in case of our faults.

  9. Modifications

    Our employees are not authorized to make any changes to an agreement. Its provisions are revised only by our higher authorities. We notify you of any change in advance.

  10. Arbitration Clause

    If there is any dispute arising from an agreement, the final individuals are responsible. The disputes may be a breach, termination, or false interpretation. No representatives from either side have the power to determine its scope. Both parties must maintain confidentiality during a legal proceeding.

  11. Miscellaneous

    Ultra Corporate Pixel can terminate services with you without prior notice. This occurs if you breach any provision of the business agreement. The agreement is not transferable without our written consent.

  12. Complete Agreement

    The complete agreement between you and us includes detailed provisions for conducting a project. Both sides form the deal after a comprehensive conversation. The agreement remains in force till the project’s completion. Any changes are done as per point number 9 above.